finetuner.console module#

finetuner.console.print_model_table(model, task=None)[source]#

Prints a table of model descriptions.

  • model – Module with model definitions

  • task (Optional[str]) – The fine-tuning task, should be one of text-to-text,

finetuner.console.print_examples(stage, results, k=5)[source]#

Prints a table of results of example queries from the evaluation data.

  • stage (str) – either ‘before’ or ‘after’

  • results (Dict[str, List[Any]]) – The example results to display

  • k (int) – maximal number of results per query to display

finetuner.console.print_metrics(stage, metrics)[source]#

Prints a table of retrieval metrics. :type stage: str :param stage: either ‘before’ or ‘after’ :type metrics: Dict[str, List[Any]] :param metrics: dictionary with retrieval metrics before and after fine-tuning.