finetuner.tuner.callback.wandb_logger module#

class finetuner.tuner.callback.wandb_logger.WandBLogger(**kwargs)[source]#

Bases: finetuner.tuner.callback.base.BaseCallback

Weights & Biases logger to log metrics for training and validation. To use this logger, make sure to have a WandB account created, install the WandB client (which you can do using pip install wandb) and (using wandb login or by setting the API key as environmental variable).

Initialize the WandB logger :param kwargs: Keyword arguments that are passed to wandb.init function.


Called at the end of a training batch, after the backward pass.


Called at the end of an evaluation batch.


Called at the end of the evaluation.


Called at the end of an epoch, after both training and validation (or just training if no validaton is provided).


Called at the end of the fit method call, after finishing all the epochs.